The Swiss pet brand company

We travel the world to find the best products for your company.  Each pet product we carry is chosen for the benefits it can bring to your store and your customers.

What's New

PerAnimal sources for you only the best quality dog products available on the market.

We offer you a growing range of cat specialty products for your store.

Find new and innovative products for small and larger animals, e.g. horses, rabbit, etc.

Our Customers

Store Owners

We work with small shops and major retail chains to supply them with the best products available on the market.


We work with veterinarians across Europe, supplying them with innovative and unique pet products.


PerAnimal is an exclusive distributor for many brands from Canada and the United-States.

Questions & Answers

How Do I...?

How do I place and order?

Consumers can register and place an order directly in our Webshop.

Wholesalers and Retailers can use our contact form to get in touch directly with our sales team.

Where is PerAnimal's warehouse ?

Our Warehouse is located in Netherlands. 


How do I become a reseller?

Retailers can contact  our Distributors listed in our Webpage or can use our contact form to get in touch  with our sales team.

How do I become a Wholesaler?

Wholesalers can use our contact form to get in touch  with our sales team.

How do I find a distributor?

We have a distributor list where you can find your country specific distributor. You can also always use our contact form to get in touch with us.

How do I get a catalog?

You can download it in our menu -> Catalogue.

Upcoming Events 2019

  1. Bielefeld

    February 21 - February 23
DGV Berlin

DGV Berlin

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kleintiermedizin (DGK-DVG) 64. Jahreskongress Der DVG-Vet-Congress in Berlin bietet auch in diesem Jahr die Möglichkeit, aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse aus vielen Gebieten zu erfahren

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Vet Austria 2018

Österreichs führende Fachmesse für VeterinärmedizinErstmals besteht vom 22.-23.9.2018 die Möglichkeit, eine, dem gesamten Fachpublikum offen stehende Fachmesse für Veterinärmedizin zu besuchen.Weit über 100 Aussteller aus

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