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  • Remain flexible, acute and prompt;
  • Listen, challenge our thoughts and ideas;
  • Quality before quantity;
  • Simpler is always better;
  • Imagined for pets, developed for owners;
  • Our network of partners is an integral and essential part of our team;
  • Our team is the reason for our success.

NOBA Animal Co.

A family owned business, develops, manufactures and markets high-end and premium pet products. Evolving mainly in the hygiene market, which is growing rapidly worldwide, the company has a large international distribution network for its trademarks. Canada Litter Inc. stands out for its value-added products aligning simplicity, design, technology and efficiency to make life easier for consumers and their pets.

OUR TEAM is, without a doubt, our most important asset. It consists of a unique combination of highly qualified professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. These essential resources are supported by dedication and a constant collaborative effort, which is why our team is continuously working hard to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. From production to delivery, we can handle and support every step of the process. Our objective is to create an efficient, sustainable and profitable business relationship with long term partners: your success is instrumental to ours.

“We believe in a better coexistence between cats and their owners. We focus on clinically proven innovation, hygiene, ease of use and efficiency to consistently deliver products that offer real added value to cat owners. These are entirely designed and manufactured in Canada: this is essential to us, as we feel it has allowed us to ensure uncompromised quality control from initial concept to final, amazing result.”


"I recommend cateco litter box, we just bought two to try because we have 8 beautiful felines in ouir family. Ive had cats all my life and Ive never seen a litter box like this. Now that we ve tryed it. It has solved a big
problem, Manny likes to dig to china, pees are big, so it pools and he steps in
it and then tracks it through the house. With the cateco this doesnt happen,
Ive posted pics of a Manny pee and how the box works on cateco page for anybody
that wants to see that. We plan on getting more, totally love the cateco litter
box, here is our feline family, that’s right 8 of them."

Julie Robinson
December 27, 2018

"Just ordered a second Cateco box! I've been using the first along with an older litter box and the differences are incredible! I plan to write a blog post about these products and the terrific service! I'm glad I tried a single box first because having the old one around to compare against one another has proved to me this product is better! Particularly that stank that no longer lofts up as I sift through and scoop the litter waste. Thank you Cateco! ?"

Angélique Dawn
November 13, 2018

"This litter box really works. Purchased it about 3 weeks ago on the advice of the owner of my local pet store. Was a bit skeptical, but it surprising works as advertised. I live in a small apartment and my main issue was litter box odour although I scoop the box minimum once but usually twice a day. SInce getting this litter box there has been zero odour. The only time there was ever an odour was when my cat did not fully cover up his poop. Other than that I love this thing. I use it along with a flushable corn litter"

Tova Harrison
December 8, 2018

"Absolutely love this product! My girlfriend told me about this litter box a few months ago. It intrigued us both as it was unique and was supposedly get rid of the terrible ammonia smell of cat urine. Never have I been so pleased with a product that actually does what I claims to do so well. We have two cat's that prefer the Cateco over the other two boxes that are in other rooms in our apartment. The Cateco box smells so little that is actually in our living room in the corner by a cat tree and you'd never notice it. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it or on the fence about one. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Thinking of now replacing the other two for Cateco boxes."

William Botka
June 5, 2017

"I have 10 cats currently so I had to give this a shot in a desperate attempt to make my house smell less like a barn, haha.
Our house is the purrfect place to test this actually as we have "Sections" of cats. Foster cats that need to be kept separate from other cats, etc.
So we put one in a room behind closed doors and removed the air fresheners.
I can honestly tell you it works great and I no longer walk into the front room and get an overwhelming punch to the face. I don't understand the science but I am getting one for each room for sure!"

Ashlee Smith
September 12, 2017

"I just thought I would write in to say "I Love my new Cateco litter box". No 30 day guarantee needed. I ended up purchasing the box the day before I left for a weekend away. I figured this would be the best time to test out this box. I'm so glad I did. I had kept old box with litter and I installed the new box so that I could make a comparison after my weekend. The difference was amazing. The old litter box, had clumps of urine that was sticking to the box, was still really wet, and stinky. I move over to the Cateco box. WOW! The urine was in a clump, dry easy to pick up, no smell. It was amazing. I now have only the Cateco box and I don't smell any odour, it's clean, super easy to pick up and best of all, no mess on the outside of the box or in the corners.
Thank you so much for showing up in my Facebook feed! Best litter box ever!"

isabelle Beaupre Sheppard
July 25, 2017