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More then a dog slow feeder, the Aïkiou or “IQ” as it is pronounced, is a puzzle feeder where you can hide your dogs food. Many people dont know that dogs are used to burry part of their catch after hunting their prey. This is why dogs like to dig so much. With this dog puzzle feeder, your dog will eat at a slower pace and express their natural needs.

  • Searching for food is natural


  • It helps reduce ingestion speed


  • Helps prevent bloating

A truly interactive feeder for dogs

Even though several speed-reducing bowls exist for dogs, the Aïkiou is what can be called an interactive bowl for dog. The difference is that the Aïkiou contains several compartments and parts that allow your dog to play and seek his food while interacting with his bowl and food. This allows your dog to express his or her natural search for food needs. The brand allows it to eat more slowly and improve digestion while having a constructive activity to perform.

Stay active

Dogs in nature need to search for their food. Today, we just serve a free meal and we forget that dogs need intellectual activity to stay active and healthy.

Stay healthy

We always think about the fact where dogs need to stay healthy mentally. But we too often forget that dogs need also to stay healthy mentally.

Help reduce weight problems

While a dog puzzle feeder can challenge your dogs mind, it will also let him eat at a slower pace, thus helping him to maintain a healthy weight.

All the advantages of an interactive dog feeder and slow dog feeder

Invented in 2008 by a Canadian vet technician, the Aikiou puzzle feeder combines both an interactive dog feeder and slow dog feeder. Its patented design is one of the best on the market. It is so efficient than even Zoos are using it for behavioural enrichment purpose.

Because mealtime should be fun for your dog

In nature, dogs are used to search for their food. Using a dog puzzle feeder is both fun and important for your dog. It lets him express its true hunter nature and use his mind to solve problems which is great for him. It helps reduce anxiety and weight problems.

Here's how it works

You just need to hide the food in the 14 different compartments.  Your dog will need to use his paws in order to “dig” to find the hidden food.  This will slow your dogs eating speed and have him “work” for his food.  This makes lunch time much more fun for him.

A real challenge

Intellectual activity requires 6x more energy than physical activity.  But we know your dog is a genius so you can adjust the Aikiou (IQ) dog puzzle feeder.  Using treats to block the carousel, your dog need to remove the treats to let it turn.  Also, a unique system lets you adjust the movement of the toecaps by just removing and rotating them.

healthy and natural

Application Video

The Aikiou Interactive Feeder is designed for your dog to experience true searching experience. They can dig around and search using their paws.

Aikiou interactive dog feeder and slow dog feeder
Aikiou interactive dog feeder and slow dog feeder
Aikiou interactive dog feeder and slow dog feeder

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