Energy Reflector

Developed in Switzerland & Made in Germany

The ultimate and worldwide unique energy reflector coverhelps body’s regeneration.

Made from a high-tech yarn, Nilit Innergy®, that we helped to develop.

Available in 3 sizes 

Medium (50x32x3 cm | 19,70×12,60×0,18 inches)

Large  (65x47x3 cm | 25,60×18,50×0,18)

XLarge  (95x60x3 cm | 37,40×23,60×0,18)

Perfect in combination with Comfortmate

The mineral additive found in the yarn converts the thermo energy of the pet body into FIR (far infrared ray) and reflects it back to the skin tissues  causing deep, gentle heating.

This gentle heat emitted by the fibers invigorates and energizes the body. This encourages blood flow, oxygen uptake in the blood and lymphatic circulation while reducing lactic acid build-up.


  • Your pet stays at optimal body operating
  • Anti-static protection
  • Transfers moisture quickly away
  • Machine washable (High Temperatures)- Not suitable for dryers
  • Helps your pet to relax and reduces anxiety
  • Supports regeneration and optimal sleep
  • The ultimate well-being solution for your pet

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