Hexa slow feeder

Because eating too fast can sometimes lead to health issues, using a slow feeder can help keep your dog healthy and active!

  • Searching for food is natural
  • It helps reduce ingestion speed
  • Helps prevent bloating

The best dog slow feeder

Make your dogs meal more challenging. This dog slow feeder can contain up to 2 and a half cup of food. Ribs are 3/4 of an inch apart which makes it more challenging for  your dog who will use his tongue to eat. Just makes it more natural and entertaining for your dog while providing the same experience as other slow feeders.

Use your tongue

Dogs can reach with their tongue to get the food hidden inside this feeder. It makes him work for his food while slowing him down helping to reduce ingestion speed along with the risk of bloating and weight issues. Close to 58% of dogs will suffer from weight problems according to latest statistics and this dog slow feeder might help reduce the chance of your dog having a weight problem in the future.

Not only is it beautiful, it is also safe for your dog

Like all of our products, we take great pride in handcrafting beautiful products using the best materials. We only use food safe polypropylene BPA and BHT free to make it safe for your pets. So we can be confident your pet will enjoy his meal while being protected by the insurance he has the safest product.

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