Horse products

Intelligent medical solutions


The VetMedCare products offer pleasant wound protection for Horses.

▪ Horse – leggings front and back


▪ Horse head-ear protection with fringes


▪ Horse head-ear protection without eyes cutout


▪ Horse head-ear protection up to the withers


94,43 216,52  incl. Vat

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Animal Medical Solutions

▪ Horse – leggings front and back

▪ Horse head-ear protection with fringes

▪Horse head-ear protection  without eyes cutout

▪Horse head-ear protection up to the withers

▪ Ideal wound protection after operation

▪ Protects wounds from dirt and chafing

▪ Easy to use and ergonomic fitting

▪ protects against mosquitoes and flies

▪ UV protection

▪ Helpful against summer eczema especially the Head-ear protection up to the withers

▪ closed, protected ears

▪ easy to wear under headgear or saddle

▪ Opportunity to fix sterile wound pad with our patented snap fastening system

▪ Protects the animal skin from allergies, irritations and sun

▪ Chemical-free tick protection

▪ Breathable and quick-drying

VetMedCare Unique Features & Benefits

▪ Washable at high temperature (60°C /140°F), thus hygienically clean
▪ Very elastic material, therefore great fit and high wearing comfort
▪ Many seizes, bodies and pants are worn tightly fitting and is therefore like a second skin
▪ Special flat and stretch seams prevent unnecessary pressure points
▪ Completely smooth abdominal area, as the seam runs along the back
▪ Run-proof material, customizable as the parts can be cut to size
▪ Individual applications
▪ Problem-free urination and defecate
▪ Extra bodies for males
▪ Material made of 90 % Polyamide and 10% Elastane
▪ Fast drying and breathable

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