Soulmate N°1

Time release Energy

INGREDIENTS: Herbal condensate, hops, lemon balm,
edelweiss and alpine roses.

This combination of ingredients has been found to help with:

* overcoming fear and anxiety, supporting restful sleep
* keeping calm & focused
* assisting the body’s ability to handle stress
* restoring normal moods
* intensifying the bond between pet and pet parent
* restoring your pets’ sense of wellbeing
* strengthening energy flow and regeneration

recommended by veterinarians

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Medical grade plants: Lemon Balm & Hops

For many centuries, lemon balm and hops have been attributed a special effect in the therapy of restlessness, nervousness and stress relieving. Hops are used in particular as an admixture and in combination with other active substances such as lemon balm.
The exact mechanism of action of hops has not yet been conclusively clarified scientifically. However, it is assumed that the bitter substances as well as the essential oils of hops ar e the reasons for the sedative effect.
Lemon balm is used in particular for restlessness and irritability.
The leaves are used for medicinal purposes. In combination with hops it has a particularly calming effect.

How to use

SOULMATE N°1 can be used as often as you like. Applicable to all house pets & horses.

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