Stress Away

Healthy feeding


It’s main design purpose is to address the growing wet food market segment of cats and its issues.


Wet food is basically easier to eat versus dry thus creating issues like regurgitating and bloating.

13,27  incl. Vat



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The “Stress Away” allows cats to slow down during feeding time by spreading food on its top ribbed plate. Adding some difficulties thus adding time for cats to eat their meal. Adding some challenge to eat helps them to digest at a better pace. Foraging for food has its virtues in the cat world where they basically relax after hunting.

The action of licking release natural morphine-like substances which help to comfort the cat and make him feel more relaxed.

• By spreading wet food on its ribbed top plate, the “Stress Away” creates a challenge that helps reduce ingestion speed. This helps to prevent regurgitation and bloating.

• Cats digestive system takes up to 30 minutes to feel satiety. Built to digest smaller quantities of food, their metabolisme benefits from eating at a slower pace.

• Can be fixed to the floor or wall with two suction cups

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