Varsi dog stick

Since most of the dog toys and treat balls in the market were too rigid for our dogs, we decided to make one that would feel more comfortable while using a food safe, BPA and BHT free material.

Floats on water

Use with treats or for throwing

Made from food safe TPR

Length 33.8cm

Varsi dog stick

A dog stick your dog will enjoy on  the ground or in water

We design products that we know our dogs will love.  This soft material can withstand puncture and tear.  As with all our products, our main concern is our dogs security so we only use a food safe TPR material that is exempt from BPA and BHT.  Your dog will enjoy the feeling of this material and will be on for hours of playing.


The Varsi Stick From AïKiou is perfect for dogs who like to run and fetch

It’s made out of a thick and rigid material which makes it resistant and floatable. Because dogs like to run and fetch, we decided to create a new toy that will let them do just that. Not only does it float, this TPR enables it to bounce around while giving enough grip so you can play tug of war with your dog. You can even loop two of them together to enhance the game and have your dog try to unwrap them.

Varsi dog stick


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