Soulmate products from the heart of the Swiss Alps

Pure Nature and Swiss Made

Strengthens energy flow, regeneration and well-being

Helps restore your pets’ sense of wellbeing

Lemon balm, hops, edelweiss, lavender, maple tree,  mountain arnica, artemisia, camomile, among others, are medical grade plants and traditionally used in medicine.

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  • Contains exclusively alpine organic herbal condensate and traditional Swiss medicinal herbs
  • Undiluted and 100% vegan
  • No added water, alcohol, glycerin or paraffin
  • No dyestuffs and  preservatives
  • Certified Swiss organic product
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Every batch is tested
  • 100% Swiss Made

About Soulmate

All PerAnimal SOULMATE products are unique and formulated by certified Swiss herbal specialists with decades of experience. Every single product is individually created according to scientific, phytotherapeutic criteria with Swiss Alpine herbs for a specific purpose.
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The Latin word anima means soul. In the figurative sense, also life force. Our products promote mindfulness between soulmates and thus the vitality of our “animalistic” friends. The loving care of the pet parent as they apply SOULMATE products strengthens the emotional bond and promotes positive biofeedback. The positive energy between the human and their pet companion is able to flow freely and contribute to the well-being of both parties. Think also, of the numerous therapy dogs and cats, from which many people gain new life force every day. Life force was once referred to as anima and people were convinced that it could even change molecules.

The entire collection of Soulmate products are energized with natural alpha-quartz crystal vibrations using a patented, scientific process. The resonance effect from the stored vibrations stimulates the natural regeneration mechanisms in all living organisms.

All of our products are made by hand from organic herbal essences and herb condensate. No water, alcohol or glycerin is added to these premium botanical products. The entire manufacturing process is completely geared towards the promotion of “Anima”, i.e. vitality and takes place in Switzerland.
Rub your hands together for a few seconds until they are pleasantly warm, and an energy flow is stimulated. Spray three bursts onto the palms of your hands and then caress your pet gently over their back and sides for some time. Re-apply at least 3 times a day or as often as necessary. The positive effects can occur within a few minutes or gradually. SOULMATE can be used as often as you like. Applicable to all house pets and horses.

Reduces fear and anxiety

Allows your pet to relax

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Supports regeneration

Helps to relieve pain