Animal Medical Solutions

Our total solutions
are 100% customer focused and have a high degree of reliability, quality and creativity.

Our strength
is the pronounced customer proximity with the associated short and reliable response times.

Our flexibility
Implementing individual customer wishes is one of the foundations of our success.


Andreas Kempter, a very well known textile manufacturer of development and implementation of textile innovations for customers. From Calida to his own brand Kempter7 he has left his mark.

His name stands for innovation and quality.


Since 2006 Zaza Textillösungen GmbH stands for innovative solutions, many years of experience in the textile industry, quality, reliability, creativity, customer focus and a high degree of flexibility.

Our performance potential starts with the idea or sketch and goes beyond the development and procurement of materials and accessories to the finished article.

Under the brand name “VetMedCare” we develop special textile veterinary solutions, which are especially used after operations and are sold worldwide.

In addition to the products of the brand “VetMedCare” we develop and produce, among other things, functional sportswear (“Skinfit”), clothing for the Austrian air rescue, as well as special products such as human medical articles (various customer projects).