PerAnimal is dedicated to the intensification of the relationship between pets and their companion humans and their well-being

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PerAnimal's well-being products

Pure Nature and 100% Swiss Made

All PerAnimal SOULMATE products are unique and formulated by certified Swiss herbal specialists with decades of experience.They are made by hand from organic Swiss herbal condensate and Swiss Alpine herb extracts.

The unique manufacturing process is completely geared towards the promotion of “Anima”, i.e. vitality.

 Swiss creativity & Made in Austria

The innovative comfortable & hygienic solution for your pet to relax.

The smart in- and outdoor solution.

Perfect also to use in combination with the PerAnimal’s Energy Reflector.

Developed in Switzerland & Made in Austria

The ultimate and worldwide unique energy reflector coverhelps body’s regeneration, stops the loss of energy.

Made from a high-tech yarn that we developed ourselves.

The gentle heat emitted by the fibers invigorates and energizes the body.

"For us at Katzenworld it's important that a product does what it promises which sadly for many remedies does mean terrible smells that us humans have to cope with. Not with Soulmate! The product does what it promises while also smelling brilliant to human and feline noses alike. All of our 4 cats were calmer and more relaxed after applying Soulmate and they liked the smell so much that they catvestigated the bottle as well. Soulmate also looks great from an presentation point of view and thanks to the glass bottle is environmental friendly when compared to similar remedies that always come in plastic bottles."

PerAnimal sources for you only the best quality dog products available on the market.

We offer you a growing range of cat specialty products for your store.

Find new and innovative products for small and larger animals, e.g. horses, rabbit, etc.